The Essential Guide to Hemp Oil Extract

The Essential Guide to Hemp Oil Extract


Hemp extract is a chemical compound that comes from the hemp plant.


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1. About the benefits of hemp oil extract


The human body can produce its own cannabinoids. These endogenous substances are called endocannabinoids. Some cannabinoids from the hemp plant are agonists, those occupying a receptor (protein or protein complex) to activate signaling in the particular cell. Hemp extract from the hemp plant should, therefore, act in the body as a hormone or neurotransmitter, with the difference that it is a non-body substance that mimics or replaces a specific messenger substance in its effect. By researching cannabinoids, the endocannabinoid system was discovered in the human body.

2. The Endocannabinoid System (ECS)


The so-called endocannabinoid system was discovered in research on how cannabinoids affect the human body. More specifically, it was recognized which receptors in the body are affected by cannabinoids. The receptors are called CB1 receptor and CB2 receptor. These receptors are found throughout the body including in the brain, nervous system, organs, glands, digestive tract, skin, and tissues. Most, however, are in the brain. The CB1 receptor is associated, among other things, with coordination and movement, pain, emotions and mood, thinking, appetite, and memories.

It used to be thought that cannabidiol acts directly on the CB2 receptors. However, recent findings suggest that cannabidiol has no direct effect, but instead influences the body to use more of its own cannabinoids. The endogenous cannabinoid system includes these two receptors and is part of our nervous system. This physiological system was named after the cannabis plant and can be found in all mammals. The ECS in our body is now considered one of the essential physiological systems regarding maintaining and achieving good health.


3. Back to balance in the body – perhaps the most essential hemp oil effect!


The most elementary for our body is to be in balance. When our body is in balance then we are feeling relaxed, healthy and happy. Only when we are in balance, we can thrive. The ECS is responsible for the maintenance of our state of equilibrium, or also called homeostasis.

The receptors of the ECS have, as one might say, a “wireless” connection with the whole body. And the ECS is continuously trying to regulate the body towards more stability. The endogenous cannabinoid system supports the body in a variety of internal, physiological processes and helps to regulate them. The four main tasks of the ECS are neuroprotection (the attempt to prevent nerve cells from dying), stress regeneration, immune balance, and homeostatic regulation.

4. The role of the hemp oil extract

Hemp oil extract is one of the essential phyto-cannabinoids of the hemp plant. Hemp extract stimulates the receptors CB1 and CB2 in case of imbalance in the body. The endocannabinoids of our body are given active support by the extract found in hemp. Hemp oil can stimulate the body to regulate and balance itself again. It could affect the pH balance in the blood, pain perception, appetite regulation, mood, energy levels, memory, and especially the immune system.

5. Hemp oil for pets


As explained in detail above, hemp oil extract affects the endogenous cannabinoid system in humans. However, since this discovered system is present in all mammals, it naturally also works in animals. Hemp oil is therefore perfect for your pet (dog, cat, horse, etc.).

6. Side effects of hemp oil


Many studies have focused on the safety of hemp extract in adults. In children, there are no research results. In adults, no dangerous side effects have been shown so far, neither concerning the central nervous system, the basic functions of the body (vital signs) and the mood. The most common side effect reported in adults is fatigue. Some few get diarrhea and a dry mouth or notice slight changes in appetite and body weight.

7. The application of hemp oil


There are different ways to take hemp oil extract.
There are different devices even, like vape pens, in which the hemp extract is inhaled. There are special hemp oil extract Vape E-Liquids developed to use in a Vape Pen.

However, since most customers do not want to inhale anything, hemp oil extract is also available as capsules, drops, tinctures, and isolate.

When taking Hemp oil drops, the desired number of drops is dripped under the tongue. You should then wait at least 5 minutes and let the drops melt under the tongue before drinking or eating again. The capsules should be taken with plenty of water.

Not only can hemp oil be taken orally but is also suitable for external use due to its excellent dermatological properties and the positive effect on the skin; therefore it is also used as an active ingredient in creams.

8. The recommended hemp oil serving size


The serving size depends on the effect you want to achieve. After all, almost every person has a different motivation. In any case, we recommend starting with a low serving size and gradually increasing it. After about eight weeks you should have found your ideal serving size or decide which number of drops/number of hemp oil capsules, etc. per day works best for you.

If you take your preferred product only once a day (certainly at the beginning), then see for yourself whether you prefer to take your hemp oil in the morning or evening before going to bed. It all depends on how you feel after taking it.

Our advice with hemp oil capsules: Do not take more than two a day and this with enough liquid. When using hemp oil tinctures, we recommend not taking more than 4 drops per day and distributing them over several times throughout the day. This also depends on the strenght of the hemp extract in the tincture.

Hemp oil has no known, adverse side effects; nevertheless, it does not exaggerate with the dosage. Hemp extract works in small serving sizes and could be less effective at too high a dose. Less is often more, especially on cannabinoid-based products. When buying hemp oil see the product description for the recommended serving size of the product.

You see, the right dosage of hemp oil extract varies from person to person. There is no fixed serving size for all people; it also changes with each nutritional needs.


9. What is best, to buy hemp oil tinctures or hemp oil capsules?


When looking into buying either hemp oil tinctures or hemp oil capsules, you have to ask the question; what makes the difference?

The difference is that the capsules have to be swallowed and the drops dribbled under the tongue, leaving the drops in the mouth for a few minutes. Of course, the hemp oil drops have a taste, unless you opt for hemp isolate drops. If you do not like it so much, you can turn to the tasteless and odorless hemp oil capsules. On the other hand, you are better served with the hemp oil drops, if you do not like to swallow capsules. The form of hemp oil intake is therefore only a matter of personal taste. If you do not have a preference, just try a particular shape.

10. Hemp oil storage and durability


How is hemp oil best conserved? An opened bottle of hemp oil is best kept in the refrigerator. Do not expose to extreme heat.

How long does hemp oil last? In general, a bottle of hemp oil lasts 1-2 years after opening. However, always read the detailed information on each product page and the product label.

11. What to look for when buying hemp oil?


Before you buy hemp oil products, we would like to point out information on what to look for when purchasing hemp oil products. There are, for example, quality, cultivation, extraction methods, additives and the level of hemp extract concentration. Also important is the correct labeling, as well as laboratory tests and analyzes of the products.

12. The cultivation of hemp


The hemp plant is very robust and persistent. The use of chemicals, pesticides, and weedkillers is not necessary. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to organic cultivation in hemp. Buy only hemp oil products which are made from naturally grown hemp. The last thing you want is residues of chemicals from the plant in the hemp oil product you are using for health or/and wellness reason.


13. The quality of the hemp oil


Make sure when buying hemp oil extract products that there are no substances such as corn syrup, trans fats, GMOs, artificial additives, diluents, and preservatives added to the hemp oil. It should be 100% authentic. Also, no ingredients such as terpenes, flavonoids, and phenols should be lost during production and must be gently recycled back into the hemp oil. This is the only way to create a high-quality product that can positively affect the body even in small doses.


14. Laboratory testing and analyzes


Before buying a Hemp oil product, make sure that the manufacturer has his products tested in the lab to ensure that they are all free of bacteria, pesticides, mold, solvents, and other contaminants. Furthermore, it must be assured that all oils are uniform and do not differ in the ingredients. Therefore, before buying hemp oil products, check the manufacturer’s website to see if it has any analysis to offer.



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